Just Ask!

Just ask!!!

There is a 24-year-old, who is in the business as a loan officer for 4 weeks!

Yes, 24-year-old, 4 weeks into the business.

And he is already doing 6-7 loans in the total amount of 2 million dollars.

He says his number one thing.

Just Ask!

He constantly reaches out to people to ask.

I’m new to this…
Who do you know…?
Can I count on you…?

The lines that Carl White uses A LOT!

I’m new to this, but I have the #confidence that I can do this.

Whom do you know that’s buying a house, or needs to refi, or is thinking of buying a house?

Whom do you know that’s in need to figure out the numbers of how to buy a house and how much they can afford?


Can I count on you, to introduce me to them?

So, the people close to him, of course, they’re going to do it, at least try.

Carl always says this…

I have made millions of dollars.

I have become a wealthy man.

And the reason I believe our team is doing so much more than others?

Because we ask more”

It takes 6-7 times to ask for referral partners.

Whether its “can I count on you?” or whatever line you are going to use. Just ask! Just ask 6-7 times.

Carl says: I’ve become a wealthy man from those 6-7 times…

Got it?

Please get it, my friends.