Keep a gratitude journal #1

My friend Avi saved my life.

A few years ago I had a really rough time. I was pretty much down in the dumps.

A good friend of mine, Avi Hershko, called me up and said: “Lou, you want to see open miracles? Start keeping a daily log for just 40 days, of 100 things you are grateful for and you will see open miracles!”

I took Avi’s advice and I kept it up for about 100 days.

Let me tell you. It WAS open miracles. It literally saved my life then.

Let me backtrack a little and say that keeping a gratitude journal at a time when one is in personal or emotional pain is a real challenge.

People going through very, very hard times have a problem finding the good and giving thanks.

I understand that it is hard. Therefore, I want to help you.

In the following posts, I will show you how we can be grateful for so many wonderful things we have in our life.

Follow me on this journey. Let’s be grateful. Together.

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If any of you have questions about a gratitude journal, please do not hesitate to comment or DM me and I will be glad to answer any questions.