Keep the mission top of mind

Why are you in business every day? What’s the point of it all?

Many people would answer, “To make money, money, money!”

Well, then why do you want to make all that money? If you had a billion dollars, what would you do with it? 

Let’s go a little deeper. Break it down and make it simple to understand.

I’m in the business to help people finance their dreams (— yup, that’s the Mint Capital!)

I help people design and lighten up their home — an interior designer.

I’m the store where people stock up on basics — the supermarket.

Make your mission simple and easy to understand. 

What is the purpose of your organization?

What is it that you do? 

Not just because we got to make money, but something larger than that.

Filling a need for people.

Can you break down the purpose of your organization in a few simple words?