Key in life to functionality

Remember “The key in life is to BS yourself to functionality. Lie, cheat, and steal yourself to positivity.” – Lou Landau

Oh, but didn’t I already share this?

Yeah, so every day has to be something new?

When you come to a restaurant would you like them to try a new recipe every day?

When you have something that’s working for you, make it your routine.

You should not try to change it every day!

It’s not about the new flavor, the new quote, and how cute can I be today.

It’s about staying consistent on the things that work, with little improvements.

So this model has so much truth and depth to it!

And most importantly it works!

When you have something that works for you, don’t try to fix it.

The foundation, that I don’t have to have a new twist, new cutie slang, and phrase every day.

Try to live by a few good rules, make it your routine, and that’s how you make it a more successful life.