Know your numbers

Can you be like an athlete?

An athlete knows their numbers like their life depends on it.

(Which it actually does.)

“YES has a number, but that number is not static. You can change it.” — Jeb Blount

You can only change your numbers if you know what your YES number is.

For example, for an experienced life insurance agent, it might be 10 – 3 – 1.
Ten calls. Three appointments. One sale.

In the mortgage industry, we say it’s 25 to 1.
25 calls. One sale.

If you are a beginner, it might be 50 to 1.

As you get better and better at it.

You might reach 10 to 1!

Figure out your YES number.

Start somewhere so you can track your numbers.

How many calls?
How many appointments?
How many meetings?
How many applications?
How many sales?

Yes, it’s hard to track. It needs courage and persistence.

You can do it!

If all athletes do it, there must be something to it…

Get cracking. Start tracking.