Know your numbers

“I want to make $250k+ this year!”

Lots of people have this goal.

But if they can’t back up the numbers with a solid work ethic, then it’s just a dream.

It’s a dream they don’t even believe in.

They secretly think that “I want to succeed, but I know quietly (and don’t tell my manager), that there’s no way I’m gonna make it.”

When you know your numbers you can have the confidence that you will succeed.

This is how the numbers work:

How many cold-calls lead to an appointment?
How many appointments lead to an application?
How many applications lead to a sale?

No matter how many steps your industry requires, calculate how many calls you need to reach to lead towards a sale.

Work with intelligence, so when a prospect says “no”, you don’t get worried.

Because you know it takes a certain amount of “no’s” before a sale.

Does it take 50 calls to make 1 sale?
Or is it 25 calls to a sale? 

Then, start perfecting your process.
How are your calls?
Is your list right?
Is your script good? 

Once you fine tune your process, your numbers will come down. 30-1, 25-1… then 20-1, and down more, so forth.

Test, track, and know your numbers.

Know your numbers and you know the feeling of financial security.

Because you’re just x# calls away from the sale!