Know your objective

What’s your objective?

Before you make any calls or enter any meeting, you need to answer these two questions:

What’s my objective?
What’s my targeted next step?

Because, without having an exact idea of what you want to accomplish and what your next steps should be, you will most likely walk out of the conversation WITHOUT a planned next step.

As a salesperson, you need to know your objective. Clearly.

You are a smart salesperson.
You are the trusted professional.
You need to be prepared and know your objective.

Most of the time, the stakeholder does not even know much about the sales process.

Sometimes they don’t even know what their needs are.

It’s up to YOU, the sales professional, to have the right process.

Always keep on sharpening your sales skills, so you can help the prospect go from being unsure to being sold in the most smooth and effective way.

It’s up to you (the salesperson).
So don’t blame them (the prospect).

When you have a clear objective, the path to the sale is so much clearer.

Here’s to many sales ahead!