Know your priorities

Take a look at your tasks in your calendar.

Are your top goals prominently listed in your calendar?

We all think we are great at multitasking, that we can have 10 priorities.

Priority comes from the word “prior”, meaning “before”.

By definition there can only be one “before”, one priority.

The fully automatic driven human thinks that he can have more than one priority.

But remember, “he who chases 2 rabbits, catches none”.

I always say: you can’t have 2 “startups” at the same time.

As a salesman you have 20 different opportunities how you could do prospecting.

But you can’t do 20 at the same time.

Start one. 
Learn it well. 
Automate and delegate.

You need to master this before you can take on the next thing.

Don’t be a “Jack of all Trades, Master of None”!

As a salesman, do this on both parts of the job.

Prospecting and Following up.

Can you do everything at once?

Learning it?
Mastering it?
Automating it?

NO, you can’t!

Do it one at a time.

So, my friend, what is that one thing that you are going to start with?