Knowing your competitors

What was Microsoft’s strategy to compete with Google?

They re-organized their company and broke it up into smaller teams.

Bigger is not always better!

Bigger is often slower, clumsier, and inflexible (imagine a motorboat versus a cruise ship).

Your company should stay young and innovative and be easily maneuverable. 

As a salesperson, are you smart and flexible? Or are you clumsy and inflexible?

Who are you competing against? 

Again, these giant companies are not necessarily better or hard to beat!

Because, you are not competing against the company, you are competing against one specific sales guy in their team.

You certainly could beat them. 

Do whatever it takes! 

Don’t give up. Keep trying.

Keep looking at your numbers and tweak it.

Polish your goals and your sales skills.

Whatever it takes, for the long term.

You’re not in this business just for a 1-year income.

You’re here to build a business!

A career! 

A business where people get to know you!

It takes time.

Do whatever it takes. Start at the beginning stages, so you can reach the top!

Even if you might get beaten a few times. 

You will have competed with the biggest!