Lack vs. Relax

Which person would you rather trust?

Someone hunched over, head down, arms crossed?

Or, someone with a straight posture, chin up, shoulders straight back?

Obviously, a person that is confident will have a “power pose” and exude more trust.

This is the way to do it:
Imagine there is a string at the back of your neck and when you pull that, it pulls up your back.

Straight up. Like that.
(But, don’t puff out your chest or stomach too much. Just a little bit…)

Also, when shaking someone’s hand, it’s important to give a firm and confident handshake.

When someone shakes my hand with a weak, limp, sweaty palm, it just doesn’t feel right.

Give a nice firm handshake. With a nice little squeeze. Hold it for a few seconds, while looking the person in the eye.
(But also not a very tight squeeze that feels like a squeezing contest between two people)

Have a wonderful day!