Lazy sometimes process activity!

Good morning!


It’s so hot outside today!

Yeah, It’s summer!

But we do what we got to do every single day.

We don’t let the weather get in the way!
We don’t let the weather affect us negatively!
We just do what we got to do!
We don’t have to be clever!
We don’t need to be a genius!
We just need to be disciplined in the areas that we want to grow in!

I just heard today from DARREN HARDY on his little daily morning podcast.

Most high achievers that we know of – and he mentioned a whole bunch of athletes, and business people – are lazy.


It’s normal to be lazy.

But in the areas where they need major improvement, they built-in systems, and processes, to keep them on track, to do their best, so they can grow in those areas.

So, it’s normal my friend.

It’s normal to be lazy.

It’s normal not to be disciplined in so many areas.

But then identify where you do need to have your discipline, and focus on that.

Morning routines are a very strong tool.

How do you start your morning?

Start with a powerful routine.

A powerful routine that sets up the whole day for success.

And you, my friend, should have a lot of success and Hatzlacha today!