Leaders #2

Are you a friend? A volunteer? A parent? A coach?

Do you consider yourself a leader? 

If you think like a leader, you will be a leader! #QBQ

All the above roles are leadership positions. Think about it.

The first step of a leader is personal leadership. 

Leading ourselves.

Leading our own thoughts and minds.

It starts in the brain and trickles down our entire being. 


Believe that you CAN make a difference!


Believe that you can change around your life!


Believe that your past does not equal your future!


Believe that you have what it takes to succeed!

You can change your circumstances. One thought at a time.

The thoughts turn into actions. 

Focus on it. Day by day. Little by little. 

Keep on giving yourself positive affirmations. 

I can do it!

I’ll get there!

The universe is not doing it TO me. The universe is conspiring FOR me!

God is good to us. Always and in all ways!

Like Einstein said, “The quality of life depends on one question: Do you believe that the universe is a good place?”

Or in Jewish words “Do you believe that God is a good?”