Learn from Nature

Good Monday morning!

What a beautiful summer morning.

The greenery, the lake, the sky.

Like the famous saying, “Learn from nature, it doesn’t rush, yet everything gets done”.

I always questioned this.

Everything gets done, what does that mean?

How do I know what had to have gotten done…

I don’t know what should have been happening…

And that is exactly the answer.

Whatever happened, had to get done!

If it didn’t get done, it didn’t have to happen.

And that’s one of the great attitudes of life.

Don’t push it, go with the flow.

Of course, we need to do our work, but we can’t control the outcomes.

We are slightly in control of our day to day, and that’s the work.

But the actual outcome, very little is in our control.

I always say, write down your goals, keep it in front of you, look at them daily… only because we forget.

We are creatures of forgetfulness, we forget, and we need to remind yourself. Otherwise, we would have new goals daily.

But, don’t try to control the outcome. Don’t get “attached” to an outcome.

And remember, like nature, slow and steady, with your intentions set, keep going in that direction.

Despite the storms.

And everything that happens, is what had to have happened.