What happens when the Situation Room gets flooded?

There is a “war room” in the White House, called the Situation Room. This is the room where all the important people strategize whichever ‘situation’ there is going on at any given time.

Imagine if that room gets flooded.

There would be no meetings. No strategy. Only disruption.

Psychologists explain that the same happens in our heads.

We have a “situation room” in our head where all the ‘important CEO’ functions and thought processes happen.

We have many different functions, emotions, and thoughts going on at once.

The logical thoughts. The skeptical thoughts. The fearful thoughts.

All of them chiming in with their two cents about what they think we should do.

When all is nice and good, and the weather in our situation room (brain) is nice and dry, and the air is well circulated, then everything works fine.

But when there is a flood in our situation room…
There is no meeting. All our executives are knocked out. Flooded.

When we get hit by emotions, we are in fact being hit with real chemicals caused by the emotions.

Every rejection, fear, or guilt, is in reality being strongly hit with a large dose of chemicals that completely flood the executive function ‘situation room’ of our brains.

Thereby rendering us completely immobile and not possible to strategize further.

That’s why we need good ‘drainage systems. We need to be prepared on how to handle rejections.

When we get hurt or rejected, we need to pause for a few seconds to give our brains enough time for the drainage system to kick in.

Get back into the right mindset. Take back control.

And then tackle the situation!