Let go and let life flow

Retiring at 28 with $300,000,000 dollars in the bank is a dream come true.

Isn’t it?

The best advice I ever received (and finally agreed to after a whole lotta heated debate) 
Was from my Zen master friend, Michael.
“Let go and let life flow,” he said.

I’m a classic Type A personality, so this kinda DIDN’T resonate initially.

I need to get up, get moving, keep moving.
Let life flow- not so much.

But back to our 28 year old retiree.

He goes to the beach every day

He runs.

He parties.

He surfs.

But one day he realizes that he is really really BORED. 

He also realizes that every day he sees a certain man walking purposefully down the beach.  
He follows him one afternoon to a soup kitchen.
There are hundreds of homeless people being served lunch.

He begins to volunteer there. 

One day he notices that there are no more forks and knives.

The next day there are no more cups.

He asks if he can help with inventory and is handed a pad of paper and a pen.

He is shocked to find that there is no software for the inventory.
And this former software developer realizes that though there are tens of thousands of soup kitchens there is no software to help them keep track of their stock. 
He will change this. And created another multi-million dollar business.

“Be Driven by Passion, Not by Anxiety” -Lou Landau

What would YOU do if you just “let go and let life flow”?

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