Making accountability personal

What’s the difference between Monday and Wednesday?

The sun rises and sets the same way. Every day.

No matter if it is a new month or a new year. It’s been the same all this time.

A new year is an arbitrary date.

Yes, it should be utilized to get inspired and motivated. To renew our commitments. 

Days, months and years on a calendar is all part of a framework to break up the monotony.

It shouldn’t look like endless days and years. It shouldn’t look like endless cycles of 24 hour periods.

It’s okay to fail sometimes. Try again the next day!

Life is a cycle.

You try your best and put in your best effort. But if you fail one quarter, you start again the next quarter.

There is always a tomorrow to become better. 

With renewed energy and passion.

It’s never the end of the world. 

It’s always a fresh beginning, a fresh start!