Making better choices

We always have a choice. Always. Even deciding not to choose is making a choice. Realizing this and taking responsibility for our choices is a big step toward making great things happen in our lives. — John G. Miller

A lot of people are confused by hishtadlus (effort) versus bechira (choice). 

First you have to invest your full effort.

You have to DO it! Nothing happens by itself. 

Do your part 100%!

You are not the victim! You are in control of your life only to a certain extent. With your efforts.

Then you need to CHOOSE.

Choose the right thoughts! 

From there on everything gets better.

Positive thoughts give you the basis to grow on.What to stand on. To be grounded properly.

But it all starts with the right choice.

If you focus on negativity, and feelings of inadequacy and victimhood – that’s your choice!

Can one that lives in darkness actually choose to see the light?!

I hope that none of you are so challenged, not to believe in yourself that you have the power to change. 

Keeping a log of a “hundred thank you’s a day for 40 days” will change your life.
(This is an amazing concept! I wrote an article on this in the past, about how this changed my life.)

Let the positivity and the mindset change and the attitude changes by itself.

Choose life!