Map the account stakeholders

Don’t ignore the quiet guy in the room.

You never know who he might be.

He may not be *the* decision-maker, but he might be a major influencer.

Always be on everyone’s good side. You never know who’s who and who might be the one that will decide to close the deal.

Buyers. Amplifiers. Seekers. Influencers. Coaches.

Everyone is different. 

You need to figure out who the important players are. 

Who is the one that has the final word and makes the ultimate decision?

You want to know who it is and then address each on their level, with their own needs and motivation.

Always be on everyone’s good side.

Don’t play jokes on anyone, because that person may very well be the decision-maker.

(Even if not, you should still not make jokes, since you are an outsider.)

Here’s to many sales ahead!