Good morning!

I’m sorry I never shared with you my most important secret.


I meditate every single day between 15-30 minutes minimum.

Sometimes more than that.

Often, multiple times a day.

Whenever I feel confused or irritable about something.

I know that I need meditation.

Nothing compares to daily meditation.

This can be proved by brain scans.

If a person meditates daily for 8 weeks, for as little as 7-10 minutes per day, you can actually see your brain change.

How did I start out with this?

A friend of mine said to me: “Lou, my friend, I hear you’re complaining for so many months and years. How about meditation?”

I went on an 8-week challenge – 8 long weeks! For 10-15 minutes a day!

The results:

A guy who has been confused and moping, transformed into a calm and pleasant character.

This is a promise!

15 minutes a day can change your life!

How stupid can you be not to do this?

Nothing has done more for my personal development than the practice of daily mediation.

This has been done for thousands and thousands of years already. Every spiritual system has it.

My challenge to you my dear friend is, how can you not do this?