Mental stimulation

I used to be driven by anxiety!

When I was younger, I used to think I could conquer the world.

My entire mindset was only about money, money, money. (Even my license plate read: MILLIONS!)

With that mentality there was no room for hobbies or extracurricular interests, because I felt there was no monetary gain there. 

This fueled my anxiety further.

If there wasn’t money to be made by doing it, it didn’t interest me. 

In my generation, there wasn’t much focus on the unique abilities of children and pursuing hobbies for the sake of enjoyment. 
So, I never really developed hobbies to begin with. 

In the past few years, I have matured to understand that money is not the main focus of life. I started to explore some hobbies.

I am always ready for any challenge that is mentally stimulating. I love to learn by experiencing. 

I am — what Barbara Sher calls — a scanner. Like a vacuum cleaner of information, always absorbing information on many hundreds of topics. 

I just enjoy trying new experiences and learning new things just for the sake of learning.

It’s so liberating to let go of anxiety and truly enjoy the beautiful world — even if these extra activities do not convert into dollar bills!

Can you relate?