Mindset you need to have

“I feel like a beggar”

”I’m trying to squeeze deal”

”I’m trying to make some money out of them”


Being good at sales is all about the mindset.

You can’t give what you don’t have…

You need to have the right mindset for yourself first.

Then you can share it with others.

You are here as a channel for helping people with their needs and possibilities.

Things keep on changing in their life, and in the industry.

You always bring them the best, relevant, up to date #information.

“I’m here to get you a better life”

”To get you into your new house”

”To improve your lifestyle”

Whatever it is.

I always tell my loan officers.

As a loan officer, in the Mint Capital especially, you know more than 99.99% of the people out there about residential home mortgages.

Because you are always connected to the company, to the helpdesk, to the WhatsApp and email groups, and all the other loan officers.

That’s a combined experience of more than a hundred years.

You’re here to bring the very best information to the people.

That is exactly what it is…

That’s the mindset that you need to have.

That’s how you need to feel about yourself when you show up into the world, in your role as a loan officer.