Missing tiles

Imagine you walk into this beautiful ballroom.

The floors and walls are tiled with gorgeous stone.

All done to perfection.

But one small tile is missing.

You wonder.

“Hey, what’s going on here? Where is the missing tile?”

My friend, don’t focus on the missing tile.

There are 999 other beautiful tiles in this room. Why focus on the one that is missing?

Such is life. 

We all have our missing tiles.

For most of us, there is 99% positive in our lives versus the 1% negative.

Why do we get so hung up and let down from that one percent negativity?

Why are we weaklings that get destroyed by tiny little things that don’t go our way?

As we work on ourselves, as we focus on positivity, as we learn not to let negativity affect us…we learn to see it for what it is and grow above and beyond our strengths.