MMM Preparation with pushups

I’m preparing for our weekly motivation meeting. 

I was debating if I should grab another coffee or catnap before starting the meeting. 

But. No! 

I needed to get my heart pumping and adrenaline rushing. 

I got down on all fours and did my daily 50 push-ups. (As I once mentioned, I heard this from Vishen Lakiani that he does the amount of push-ups to match his age. I have been doing it twice daily since then.) 

Watching me do this, one loan officer exclaimed, “Wow! I can’t even do five push-ups!”

I told him, “Yeah, when I started I couldn’t either do 5. I couldn’t even do one!”

Start with half. Then a whole. Then push yourself further and do one push-up daily.

Suddenly, you can do 2 push-ups daily. Then 3 and 10 and 15.

Continue building strength. 

Then you do 25 per day and looking back, you can’t believe it yourself!

If you did it sometimes, you can do it all the time!

When you do something consistently you create a place for the momentum to hold onto, and fill your cup with blessings.

Start with nothing. Keep on adding small consistent movements.

Then suddenly you find you can move mountains. 


(Looking back at this video now, I see that I need to improve my push-ups and do it a little fuller. And did you notice that I’m starting to go bald?!)