Moment of Clarity

We sit with a loan officer, to discuss things, struggles, areas of improvements, things to focus on, discipline, etc.

And, we have this moment of clarity, we’re in a good emotional state, and we make a commitment.

Yes “I can – and I will – do it!” he says.

But then, he gets back to his daily life, his daily activities, the files he’s working on, the support work, and he rapidly loses that moment of clarity.

Even if he wrote his goals down, that 100% commitment of just a few mins ago, goes away, the confidence is gone, doubt has come and sets in, again.

So what’s the solution?

You must make:
1) Small commitments.
2) For a limited period of time.
3) A commitment that becomes non-negotiable to you.

That is self-discipline.

During this time, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, or 66 days or whatever, during this time you cannot renegotiate.

Doubt will come, but you must promise yourself, that no matter what, I won’t stop.

It’s small enough that I could commit, and not renegotiate during this time…

What you know in your moment of clarity,

Life is a roller-coaster, the ups and downs always come, you never expect that you will always be in this mood.

Your commitments need to be something reasonable that you can actually do even on your down days.