Morning Routine

Good morning!

What a beautiful Fall morning!

Check out the trees, the skies, the sun.

The planet earth, spinning at a thousand miles per hour.

And we don’t even feel a thing!

Isn’t that wonderful?

Part of my morning routine is reading a book with great sales and business tips.
(and of course exercise and push-ups too!)

Right now, I am in the middle of a great book: New Sales Simplified by Mike Weinberg.  

What is your morning routine, my friend?

A regular morning routine gives momentum, brings you into production, and enhances creativity.

It’s a stack, basically. 

Your morning routine should be a stack of lots of little thingies that you do.

Keep building on it! 

Keep building and before you know it you have a tower with lots of parts to it.

It builds your skills. Helps you grow into something bigger and better.

What is your daily morning routine? Let me know in the comments!

Make it a great day!