Motivational shout-outs

I know this sounds cliched.

But, it’s true!

As a member of the Mint Capital, you are never alone!

The Mint Capital is like a healthy exciting family.

The camaraderie between our loan officers, always ready to help each other, is so admirable.

This is the essence of our team.

You are never alone.

You can spark a conversation with multiple people; whether over food, after a Micha, or in the hallway.

I wasn’t surprised to hear our LOs saying that they truly enjoy coming to work every day. It is a fun experience.

We motivate our LOs through:
— Welcome new loan officers
— Shoutout the first Clear to Close
— Track every loan officer’s goal monthly
— Monthly newsletter with highlights and accomplishments of our LOs.

That in a nutshell explains our company.

It’s a great, happy place to work!

Want to learn more? Are you interested to join our team?