Murder boarding

Have you ever heard of murder boarding?

It’s not quite as bad as it sounds…

Murder boarding is when you put everything on the board and critically examine the document, or proposal, or deal, or whatever it is on there. 

Nothing is sacred on that board.

Everything is a joke on that board.

Every angle. Every objection. Every weakness.

Everything gets examined to explore a potential scenario that might kill the deal.

In preparation ‘before’ for the deal, you need to violently put everything on the board.

Once you identify the pitfalls and blindspots, you go into the deal like a “murderer” and “violently execute” on your clear goals.

(Of course, I don’t mean murder or violence of any sort. It’s just a way to tie it into the parable here.)

“Murder boarding requires you to ask hard questions, poke holes in your assumptions, and face the hard truth.” — Jeb Blount