Never allow your down to challenge your core!

We are just human beings!

Humanity always wants to be perfect – wants more.

Realize, that when you want to reach the next step, and it’s not happening yet – that’s normal.


While you’re at that stage you might feel unhappy.


Because the brain fantasizes quickly, and it’s not bound by reality.

Thoughts tend to run a lot faster and wilder than the actual performance of these thoughts.

The same is also in every stage that you are in.

You want to pass to the next stage, the next close, the next quarterly bonus, etc.

You need to balance, between striving for more, and being happy where you are.

Never allow your downs to challenge you at the core.

That you’re not good enough.

You’re not smart enough.

Never allow it to get to the core.

What is at the core?

You are good enough!

You are smart enough!

You only fail when you give up!

We don’t allow giving up!

The downer is OK!

There’s always more to strive for, so where you now, may look like not enough!

But you are good enough!

Smart enough!

People want to hear about your ides!

You’re still in the best business, in the best atmosphere, and with the best team in the world!

Be well, my friends!

And 2020 is rocking!