Never ask “When?”

Humans have an irrational desire for more money. 

This doesn’t always come from a bad place. It is sometimes due to necessity. 

Sometimes, the desire for money is so overpowering, that it quiets our inner intuition and we forget what is right and what is wrong.

This can be helped by meditating. 

 Sit down in a quiet place, and JUST BREATHE for a few minutes.

#Focus on your breathing. In and out.

Set a timer and close your eyes. 

Don’t think about anything, other than your breathing.

Keep on going.

Don’t look at the time. When the timer beeps, you will know that the few minutes are up.

Meditation helps quiet the monkey mind, the irrational desire for more money. 

The monkey mind that’s busy jumping from tree to tree, trying to snatch the bigger banana. 

Grabbing. Snatching. 

Humans running to and fro, trying to snatch a bigger deal. 

We need to calm the busy workings of our brain.

Subtly tune in to our intuition, our inner guidance. 

Get closer to our essence. 

Be in tune with the lightness within, rather than the darkness. 

Focus on the moment. Don’t live in fantasy or in memory.

Don’t live in the future. Don’t live in the past of yesterday.

Live in the moment. Flow! Enjoy This Moment. Now
“It’s Always Now!” -Michael R.

You “get” it?
It’s never not NOW..!!

When the morrow will arrive, it will then be in the moment too.