Never too complicated!

Because there is NOTHING COMPLICATED about it.
A loan is a loan.
Conditions are conditions.
1 + 1 will still equal 2.
Sometimes people approach our loan officers saying: “I need to go to the other guy for my loan, he specializes in complicated files.”
A Mint Capital loan officer will say, “Okay, tell me the scenario, and I will see how complicated it is.”
And guess what?
When the prospect explains the scenario, we see that it is just a regular file. The same complicated like other loans we processed already.
Do you know why certain people have a reputation that they handle COMPLICATED files?
It is usually because they are not adept to handling loans quick enough, and the process drags on for a while.
Their answer to the client? “It takes time, it is a COMPLICATED file!”
This is how they develop a reputation.
Our officers at the Mint Capital can handle ANY file!
We have the best training for our loan officers.
We give guidance to our loan officers.
We have a Mint University full of training.
We have a 90-day Roadmap to Success Training Program.
The Mint Capital loan officers are out there and they’re killin’ it!