New year’s resolutions

You can’t lose 100 pounds in ONE WEEK. 
You can lose ONE pound per week, for 100 weeks.

Same goes for you, my fellow salespeople. 

When you start the new year, with renewed energy, don’t cram a 100-hour work week on Week One and then feel burnt out and work only one hour the following week.

The Jewish New Year was upon us. Everyone had their New Year’s resolution. 

A loan officer said to me, “I have new energy, full of life. We’re gonna do this!” 
“I’m gonna hustle 80 hours a week,
I’m gonna call my people.
I’m gonna be disciplined.” 

I say to him: “My friend, I don’t want your roller-coaster. I don’t want your ups and downs.
I don’t want your 80 hour work-week.
I don’t want your 10 hours-a-day cold calling.”

“I need consistent work, every day.
With persistence.
With resilience.
With self discipline.”

Slow and steady wins the race.