No one can be a bigger fan of you than yourself.

“See there? That’s my mother she has hazel eyes.”
“Me? I have brown eyes, unfortunately.”

I read this statement in a book, said by a TeenAtRisk.

You can imagine the level of self esteem she has.

NOBODY can be a bigger fan of yourself, than you yourself!

You gotta be the biggest fan of everything that is you:

Your height
Your weight
Your eye color
Your skin color
Your talents
Your skills
Your personality
Your income

Everything that is you, is absolutely AMAZING!

ALWAYS smile at your inner reflection!

Brown eyes…



What’s the difference?

First, can you do something about it?


Did you choose it?


Do you have less opportunity in the world because you have brown eyes?

Why the attachment to another color?

Eizehu Ashir, Hasameach B’chelko, “Who is wealthy? He who is happy with his share.”
-Ethics of the fathers 6:6

The root cause of all human suffering is attachment.

Attachments to something you have that you don’t want,
or something you want but you don’t have.

Let go of attachments.

You’re not passive for doing so.

You’re smart!

And ask for guidance.

“G-D, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. The courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference”.
-Serenity Prayer