Non-verbal communication

Do you wear a suit to work?

Dress with confidence. 

A salesperson needs to look at the part and be dressed well.

“A picture is worth a thousand words and being well dressed sends a powerful message internally and externally. Which is why even inside salespeople should dress for confidence.” — Jeb Blount

My friend, let’s talk about dressing.

Body hygiene and cleanliness are very important. (Teeth, hair, etc. should be clean and fresh smelling.)

Suit should not be stained or creased.

Shoes should be clean (if not shined), and not dusty.

Shirt should be cleaned, sharp, and pressed. (And not a faded color, due to washing.)

We shouldn’t neglect these things.

We need to dress with confidence to be able to exude confidence.

I will also add here, that friends tell friends when they need to do something to help people look at them in a more positive manner…

Do you dress professionally or casually for work?