Not Every People’s Person Is Meant To Work With People

Not every people’s person is supposed to work with PEOPLE.

Carl White once shared a story about one of his employees, who made some type of comment like, “Now, of course, he would never hire someone who was not a people’s person”.
(Which made it clear that someone was a people’s person.)

But, every time she would hang up the phone she made a comment about how stupid the customer was. This started to annoy everyone around her. They wanted a positive and optimistic environment. 

Which made Carl think, what’s going on? She is a people’s person, so why does she complain about every customer…?

That’s when he realized that not every people’s person is meant to work with people.

My fellow salesperson, allow me to share another interesting comment I heard from Carl White.

He once heard someone (I wonder if it’s that same employee) comment:
“The customer thinks I need to drop everything and work on his file?”

Carl’s answer?

“Oh, that makes two of us. Because I also think that when a customer calls, you need to drop EVERYTHING and talk to them.”

When you have a customer that wants something, you pick up the phone and talk to them right away!

Thanks, Carl, for the constant motivation!
Looking forward to meeting at our LOs trip coming up — in Clearwater Beach, Florida!