Not in Control

Personal accountability isn’t about hiding behind the team and making excuses. 

It is not about changing others. 

It’s about making a difference by changing ourselves.

Regardless of how right you are.
Regardless how wrong others are.

Always look inward. 
Where is the problem? 
Is it here (yourself) or there (others)?

The problem is always HERE. And that is a fact.

What can you do about that?

You cannot change other people. You cannot change the facts about life. 

You are not in control of the struggles of your life. 
You are not in control if your customer will answer your call.
You are not in control if they say ‘no’.
You are not in control if others agree with your decision. 
You are not in control about losing a customer.

You ARE IN CONTROL of handling the situation. 

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.” -Dalai Lama

WHAT will you do about it?

How do you move forward in a positive and inspiring way?