Objections – Table of contents

I’m so excited about this!

I just started reading the 6th book in my podcast series!

My Snap Ahead podcast is running for the past 20 months. (That’s 550 daily morning recordings, 5 days a week!)

I want to thank all listeners who have been listening until now. And if you are new here, I welcome you, my friend!

The truth is, the book reading is part of my morning discipline. I read it mostly for myself, and record it for you to enjoy. I deliver this little podcast (between 7am and 8am).

The new book is called Objections by Jeb Blount.

Everyone who is in sales and prospecting knows what objections are all about.

I’m sure this book will help us handle objections and help us gain confidence in our prospecting abilities.

We can all learn how to handle objections.

I recently heard someone, a boxer, say that he had a period of 688 days that he went without winning.

688 days! That’s almost two years!

Imagine how he felt every morning. Waking up and getting back into the ring, not knowing if he will face rejection again.

Today he is a champion!

What’s your relentless level? How relentless are you in the pursuit of a “yes”?

Never give up!

This is the topic of our new book.

I am excited to share the motivational journey every morning with you.

Welcome aboard, my friend!