How do you stay on-top of work stuff?

These are the tools and tips that work for me:

> Google Tasks to capture tasks.
> Google Calendar to schedule time.
> Google Reminders to remember things (even years down the line).
> Google Keep to keep all my notes and ideas in one place.

As humans, we are forgetful creatures.
Why try to remember when there are so many great tools that can do it for you?

But, as humans, we also need to have the drive and energy to execute the tasks.

In order to focus on a project that needs 5-10 solid hours, I:
-Block out time in my calendar (dedicated only to that task).
-Get a good night’s sleep the night before.
-Turn off my phone.
-Close all apps.
-Turn on Flow music.
-Get into FLOW.
-Get it done!

‘Getting it done’ might work better when there’s a change of scenery.
Instead of working in my office, I leave and knock it out in my home office / Starbucks / hotel room / friend’s office.

With the combination of technology (apps) and human resources (I hired a productivity coach), I try to stay on-the-ball and on-top of my daily tasks.

What tools do YOU use to help you stay productive?