E9: Introducing Business Basics A-Z 3-Part Tele-seminar

(In Yiddish Language). E9 – This week we are introducing our first Business Basics A-Z 3-part Tele-seminar. Each a minimum of 2 hours, with Q&A during the week. Call-in details will be supplied before the seminar. Monday night 8:00pm. May 10, May 24 and May 30. This will be a GREAT resource for everyone who joins. Original post date: 4/20/2010

E8: SMI and Clean Focus

(In Yiddish Language). E8 – This week we cover two of the most important habits a successful business owner will want to use in business and in personal life to LEAP forward.#9 SMI = Single Most Important, What is the SMI you need to do for your projects. #10 Clean Focus = Learn to STOP distractions, so you get your important things done. Original post date: 3/23/2010

E6: Add Value not Drop Prices

(In Yiddish Language). E6 – This week we cover the FACT that if you just lower your prices, you will “Price yourself out of business” so learn to “Add Value, instead of Dropping your Prices”. Original post date: 2/15/2010

E1: Introduction

(In Yiddish Language). E1 – Dear Friend, It’s a zechiya to be able to host a new Business Shier section on the esteemed Kol Mevaser Network. Enjoy and I hope you make some good profits. Original post date: 1/4/2010