Tips for loan officers #2

Do you know when you’re ready for the next level of success?

When you are ready to push yourself further!

There is friction wherever growth exists.

Because, when something is easy you don’t think much about it.

If five phone calls per day is easy for you to handle, and you just keep on doing that, then there will be no growth.

It’s fine if you’re happy with that. Nobody says it has to be hard work.

But that also means no growth.

If you want to grow, you need to stretch your comfort zone.

“A constant pleasure is no pleasure anymore!” — Baal Shem Tov.

You start appreciating what you have, only when you don’t have it anymore.

In order to have more, you need to do more or different.

A little push. A little stretch. Consistently. 

When that becomes easy. You do the next stretch. And the next stretch. 

That is how growth occurs!

There are people who don’t want to wait around for little-by-little stretching.

They just jump! and learn how to parachute on the way down.

Both ways have their merits. It depends on the courage and the nature of the person.

Set your goal and find the right way to reach it!

Book 6. Day 34: Outstanding!

If we want an outstanding organization…

Then each of us must personally be outstanding!

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “Outstanding! 47 Ways to make your organization exceptional ” by John G. Miller

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Have a great day!

Tips for loan officers starting out

If you are a loan officer starting out in the mortgage field, my number one advice to you is:

set the right expectations from the start.

Being a loan officer is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme, with a $5k income on Week One.

In fact, when I coach new loan officers I tell them that the first year in the mortgage industry will be their hardest 12 months of their business life!

It takes a lot of effort for a new loan officer to acquire and learn:

Mortgage knowledge

Sales skills

Mortgage sales process

All this doesn’t happen overnight, but with the right effort and focus you CAN succeed very nicely in this business!

As I always say: “There is no quality without quantity!”

There is no success with only half a focus. Loan officers need to be in it all the way!

At first you will start small.

Because this is a long-term play!

Ask yourself. Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?

Set your goals.

You can accomplish almost anything if you put your mind and effort to it!

With the right work ethic you can become a successful loan officer with $100k+ income per year. 

Book 6. Day 33: Outstanding!

Be the change you want to see in the world – Ghandi

Be Outstanding, my friend!

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “Outstanding! 47 Ways to make your organization exceptional ” by John G. Miller

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Leaders #2

Are you a friend? A volunteer? A parent? A coach?

Do you consider yourself a leader? 

If you think like a leader, you will be a leader! #QBQ

All the above roles are leadership positions. Think about it.

The first step of a leader is personal leadership. 

Leading ourselves.

Leading our own thoughts and minds.

It starts in the brain and trickles down our entire being. 


Believe that you CAN make a difference!


Believe that you can change around your life!


Believe that your past does not equal your future!


Believe that you have what it takes to succeed!

You can change your circumstances. One thought at a time.

The thoughts turn into actions. 

Focus on it. Day by day. Little by little. 

Keep on giving yourself positive affirmations. 

I can do it!

I’ll get there!

The universe is not doing it TO me. The universe is conspiring FOR me!

God is good to us. Always and in all ways!

Like Einstein said, “The quality of life depends on one question: Do you believe that the universe is a good place?”

Or in Jewish words “Do you believe that God is a good?”

Book 6. Day 32: Outstanding!

• Be Outstanding •

Be Flexible: Put People Before Policies

Succeed with What You Have


Remember, People Want to Win

Never Forget Who Pays the Bills


Stand Behind Your Stuff

Develop Managers

Let Every Player Count

Speak Well: Make the Right Impression

Choose to Change

Have the Right People Make the Right Decisions

Elevate the Conversation

Fire Customers! (If Necessary)


Encourage One Another

Listen in All Directions

Coach, Moment to Moment

Be Coachable

Someone Needs to Be the Boss

Seek No Culprits

Skip the Vision Thing


Treat Vendors like People

Stay Alarmed

Tend to the Little Things

Put Performance Before Titles

Don’t Stagnate: Turnover Can Be a Good Thing

Try! Risk! Grow!

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “Outstanding! 47 Ways to make your organization exceptional ” by John G. Miller

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Education vs. hands-on experience

Qualification from higher education versus hands-on experience?

Both of these are important to succeed in business. 

Qualifications are important to gain industry knowledge and to gain people’s trust. But, knowledge can be gained through hands-on experience.

That said, the right work ethic trumps having qualifications!

When recruiting for The Mint Capital, one of the main points we look for is work ethic.

Work ethic beats knowledge. Work ethic beats certifications.

Knowledge can be acquired. Skill can be gained. But only with the right work ethic.

The mortgage industry is not rocket science.

If a person has the desire to succeed and the right state of mind, they can be very successful!

If you are willing to:

Provide great service

Focus on the work

Have a positive mindset and attitude
Then you will also absorb the knowledge needed to succeed.

Is education important? Yes.
Is hands-on experience helpful? Yes.
A firm dedication and a strong work ethic still wins? Yes!

In fact, many loan officers at The Mint Capital don’t have formal qualifications in the industry. 

But they DO have:


Willingness to learn

Strong work ethic
that gave them the knowledge and experience.

I’m proud to say they are very successful! 


Wishing all my dear friends and fellow “LinkedIners”:

Have a wonderful and happy Pesach (Passover)!!

Pesach is the time we commemorate being freed from the Pharaoh in Egypt.

May each of you be freed from your personal pain, suffering and anxiety. 

And may we all see the light of the Ultimate Redemption speedily in our days!

Book 6. Day 31: Outstanding!

Outstanding organizations celebrate victories

Let’s start doing it today.

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “Outstanding! 47 Ways to make your organization exceptional ” by John G. Miller

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Leaders at all levels

Can you define success?

Success is not only about mastering groundbreaking achievements. 

Success is all about mastering the mundane and boring things too!

A calm sea does not a great sailor make!

We are put to the test when there are windy bumps and crashing waves.

Our mind always wants something new and exciting. That’s why we don’t get excited over the mundane wins and everyday successes.

People create their own beliefs and opinions about themselves when they are young, thinking that they won’t change.

It’s not true.

We can always work on ourselves. Especially when we’re younger. 

When you start working on yourself, you will notice the opportunity everywhere!

Every challenge becomes an opportunity.

Within the problem you will find the seed on how to build the solution. 

Success is the fruit of that inner work!


What actually IS success? 

That remains the million dollar question…

What do you consider a success?