Who is in control

How do you control yourself, anyway?

Who is in control?

Should we let the rain or the cold (or your colleague or your customer) control your life?

We don’t want to find ourselves at the end of the year saying, “Oh, I didn’t reach my goals this year because it was raining on one Tuesday morning!”.

Uh. Uh!

Who is in control of your mind? Of your thoughts?

We do NOT allow any outside influences to affect us negatively. 

We work on ourselves.

You are in control of your thoughts.
You are in control of your actions.
You are in control of your emotions.

And not the weather or the people that surround you.

It is NOT easy to work on ourselves. Especially if we are learning this concept as an adult.

That’s why I would advise you to teach it to the young, so they should not find it so difficult.

Chin up!

You can do this!

You CAN still reach your goals.

Make it a great day ahead!


December 1st

Good morning!

December 1st.

A brand new month.

The last month of the year.

Just four more weeks until the new year starts!

What are you doing today?
How are you wrapping up this year?
How are you making 2021 be a successful year for you?

Start your plans for next year. Set your goals for next year.

2022 is just around the corner.

Wishing you loads of success!

Make it a great end-of-year!

— Lou Landau


Know your objective

What’s your objective?

Before you make any calls or enter any meeting, you need to answer these two questions:

What’s my objective?
What’s my targeted next step?

Because, without having an exact idea of what you want to accomplish and what your next steps should be, you will most likely walk out of the conversation WITHOUT a planned next step.

As a salesperson, you need to know your objective. Clearly.

You are a smart salesperson.
You are the trusted professional.
You need to be prepared and know your objective.

Most of the time, the stakeholder does not even know much about the sales process.

Sometimes they don’t even know what their needs are.

It’s up to YOU, the sales professional, to have the right process.

Always keep on sharpening your sales skills, so you can help the prospect go from being unsure to being sold in the most smooth and effective way.

It’s up to you (the salesperson).
So don’t blame them (the prospect).

When you have a clear objective, the path to the sale is so much clearer.

Here’s to many sales ahead!



What you want to know

It’s kind of awkward.

You might sometimes feel like you’re in a lower position than the prospect.

You might think, “Who am I to ask these questions?”.

You feel awkward asking.

Especially hard questions. 

But, my friend, the ONLY way through is to ASK these questions. 

You need to ask.
The prospect needs to respond.
You let them explain.
They share their thoughts. 
You probe for clarity.
They clearly define their objections.

Asking questions, even difficult ones, is the only way you will clearly understand what the prospect is thinking (in regards to the sale).

Every time you meet/talk with the stakeholder, you should gather information to slowly piece together the puzzle.

Between the lines of these questions, you will be gaining micro-commitments. 

Discover by asking questions. 
Answers turn into micro-commitments. 
Micro-commitments can potentially get you the “yes” you have been waiting for.

Then it won’t feel awkward anymore…



I am extremely proud of our team!

This is the way we roll at the Mint Capital. 

20 of our talented loan officers traveled to UWM, the Nation’s largest wholesale lender.

Wow! The culture there is just impressive.

We had amazing training and fantastic sales meetings.

Always learning from the best in the industry and continuously working to improve ourselves.

It’s just getting better and better.

We are grinding it and sprinting ahead.

Looking forward to a smashing and successful 2022!

Let’s do this, my friend!

Special shoutout to our talented team:
Chaim Tarkieltaub
Benjamin Hirsch
Zishe Miller
Mendy Rosen
Moshe Landau
Sion Semah
Usher Ringel
Amrom Jancovits
Yanky Gobioff
Zindy Fish
Chesky Berger
Sam Stern
Ari Lichtman
Abraham Itzkowitz
Rafi Grinberger
Shlomy Kornfeld
Yanky Leichter
Yeruchim Stienmetz
Yossi Reichman

Extra special thank you to Mat Ishbia and Freddie Hurmoz for everything! I have no words.


Thanksgiving 2021

The story of Michael Singer is fascinating.

I read how Michael went from being a broke-yogi-meditating-teenager to becoming a hundred-million-dollar-worth-CEO of a few-billion-dollar-worth-business.

In his book “Surrender Experiment” he explains how he felt that his mind was driving him crazy.

Always think about people, places, things, ideas, thoughts, and feelings.

So he experimented with Surrender by making a deal with his Higher Power (we call God) that he will take whatever is given to him as if it were a gift from the Universe.

Because it is.

“Whatever the Universe puts in front of me I will do with all my heart and soul as if it’s a gift from the Universe/God because it is.” — Michael Singer in The Surrender Experiment

What an eye-opener!

This is a new presentation of how to interpret the concept of bashert (predestined).

Whatever is in front of me is a gift.
And I am thankful for that.

Whatever happens to me is a gift.
And I am thankful for that.

It’s a mindset to believe that everything that happens is a gift from the Universe from Above from Life from God.

Why complain about a gift? Be thankful for it!

“The quality of your life depends on the answer to one question. Is the Universe a good place?” — Albert Einstein

Einstein meant to say: Is what I have in front of me a gift?

Let’s work on ourselves so that the answer should be, “Yes, it is a good place!”.

I am grateful.



But it feels the same

There is a difference between objection and rejection. 

But it feels the same.

When a prospect says “no” it hurts.

On an emotional level, it feels the same.

It doesn’t matter whether the prospect has an excuse.

It’s difficult to see the difference. 

We anticipate an answer.

We worry about what the answer will be.
Then we perceive every objection as a rejection. 

We get triggered the same way.

Logically we understand that it’s not a rejection.
Intellectually we realize that it’s not a rejection. 

But emotionally we feel otherwise.

It physically hurts us. 

It’s like we know and understands that everything is bashert (predestined), yet we still want more.

We don’t take no for an answer.

We can attempt to rationalize it, but that won’t do the trick.

Objections and rejections sting.

“If telling salespeople to suck it up and not take objections personally worked, we’d all be champions at asking for what we want and getting past a no…” — Jeb Blount


Murder boarding

Have you ever heard of murder boarding?

It’s not quite as bad as it sounds…

Murder boarding is when you put everything on the board and critically examine the document, or proposal, or deal, or whatever it is on there. 

Nothing is sacred on that board.

Everything is a joke on that board.

Every angle. Every objection. Every weakness.

Everything gets examined to explore a potential scenario that might kill the deal.

In preparation ‘before’ for the deal, you need to violently put everything on the board.

Once you identify the pitfalls and blindspots, you go into the deal like a “murderer” and “violently execute” on your clear goals.

(Of course, I don’t mean murder or violence of any sort. It’s just a way to tie it into the parable here.)

“Murder boarding requires you to ask hard questions, poke holes in your assumptions, and face the hard truth.” — Jeb Blount 


Missing tiles

Imagine you walk into this beautiful ballroom.

The floors and walls are tiled with gorgeous stone.

All done to perfection.

But one small tile is missing.

You wonder.

“Hey, what’s going on here? Where is the missing tile?”

My friend, don’t focus on the missing tile.

There are 999 other beautiful tiles in this room. Why focus on the one that is missing?

Such is life. 

We all have our missing tiles.

For most of us, there is 99% positive in our lives versus the 1% negative.

Why do we get so hung up and let down from that one percent negativity?

Why are we weaklings that get destroyed by tiny little things that don’t go our way?

As we work on ourselves, as we focus on positivity, as we learn not to let negativity affect us…we learn to see it for what it is and grow above and beyond our strengths.