Book 7. Day 86: Objections

The key to moving past micro-commitment objections is demonstrating
the value of scheduling the next step.

To do this, follow the three-step process focused on helping you.

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Bringing objections to the surface

Did you notice the smudge on that guy’s shirt?

We are many times conscious that people are noticing things we do or don’t do. We are worried that everyone is looking that you made a mistake.

Let me tell you a secret:

> People are not noticing what you do. <

People are busy looking at themselves, thinking of themselves, and worrying what everyone else does and says about them. They don’t even have time to notice what you do.

As Darren Hardy says: “Where is the center of the universe? By every person, the center of the universe is in their own heart.”

However, in the sales process, this does not work.

There is no option. You must listen and focus on the prospect.

Listening and really paying attention is an art.

You need to be mindful:
What are they saying?
What are they not saying?
Where are they stuttering?
Where are they holding back?
Where are they pausing?

Really listen so you can get to the bottom of the needs of the customer.

It’s what they don’t say.

It’s between the lines.

Ask nicely and calmly: “what do you mean by that? Tell me more.”
Genuinely try to understand your customers needs and wants.
Make them feel safe and understood.

That’s the way to really listen.

That’s the way to gain their trust.

How do you show your clients that you are listening?

Book 7. Day 85: Objections

Micro-commitments are a series of low-risk commitments that lead down
the path to a final buying commitment.

The good news is prospects appreciate it when you set the next step.

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “Objections” by Jeb Blount

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Take a break

Ahhhh. Breathe in!

What beautiful glorious summer weather.

Enjoy it.

Take a few minutes in the middle of your workday to enjoy the weather. 

Make it your “business” to breathe in the wonderful fresh air.

Take a recovery break. A refresh. 

Take five minutes and go out to just breathe.

Recovery is as important as work. If you don’t take the time for small breaks you end up feeling burnt out and then end up losing weeks and months of productive work.

Breath out!

Have a beautiful day!

Book 7. Day 84: Objections

Prospects are so crazy busy that as soon as you leave their office or
hang up the phone, they have already forgotten about you.

One micro-commitment, one meeting, and one step at a time.

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “Objections” by Jeb Blount

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Stay fit

“Living with the mindset ‘I’ll sleep when I’m dead’ may get one there quite a bit faster…”

Wise words were written by Joe De Sena in his book “Spartan Up!”

Sleeping poorly, eating poorly, and not taking care of our body has negative physical and emotional repercussions. 

Humans need about 8 hours of sleep every night. These days, it’s become a badge of pride to live on little sleep.

As Arianna Huffington, of Huffington Post fame, said: “We are in the midst of a sleep deprivation crisis!”

Lack of sleep ends up catching up with the person and can cause many illnesses and disorders.

The human body is a vessel for our soul.

We are soul having a human experience. We are not a body having a human experience.

We need to take care of our bodies, our systems. If you take good care of it, you can God willing expect to be in a better healthy shape.

We’re not talking about major lofty goals. We are talking about making sure not to abuse our systems, not to eat things that pull you down, not to deprive yourself of sleep, etc.

Did you know that our body needs to work physically overtime to digest food that we overeat? The energy we use to digest food is energy that should have been going to the brain.

The brain is only 2% mass of our body, yet it uses 25% of our energy. The brain needs all the energy it can get!

Our body has so many things running at once. The heart, the liver, the stomach, and all systems take up energy. 
Our mind is trying to preserve energy where necessary. This means that when we eat lighter food it gives more clarity to our brain!

Then we need exercise which floods our system with adrenaline and all good chemicals that help fuel our system. Exercise is also a natural cure for many ailments like: obesity, depression, anxiety, and even ADHD.

Treat your body kindly.

Have a healthy day ahead!

Book 7. Day 83: Objections

“Engagement is my number-one qualification checkpoint”

This creates deal velocity and helps you maintain momentum.

The power of micro-commitments!

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “Objections” by Jeb Blount

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Do you exercise?

When working in the office, many people spend a large amount of time sitting and staring at screens.

Physical movement is extremely important for the body and mind.

In the army, they say: “A strong body is a strong mind”.

Exercise is so, so important. We’re not talking crazy, deep exercise; but ‘normal’ exercise.

Set aside 20 minutes a day and do some type of workout that gets your heart rate up to 160 (beats per minute).

Work up a sweat. If you’re not sweating, you are not exercising!

A treadmill or an elliptical trainer is great, too.
(Although a brisk walk doesn’t raise the heart rate, it is better than nothing.)

Regularly exercising keeps the body 
not rusty
and releases chemicals that help us stay young and healthy.

Personally, my daily exercise includes push-ups (I do the amount to match my age).

Exercise can be added to your daily schedule in many ways:

Walk to work.
Stand while you work.
Ride a bike.
Or, do something more physical.

The best would be to do 30 minutes of exercise per day; but if you can’t, keep in mind what Jeb Blount calls the ABTN methodology: “Anything is Better Than Nothing!”.

Who is in for a push-ups challenge?

Book 7. Day 82: Objections

The default question on every opportunity is “What’s the next step?”

Stalled deals plague the sales profession, clogging pipelines, ruining
forecasts, and causing untold frustration.

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “Objections” by Jeb Blount

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Lack vs. Relax

Which person would you rather trust?

Someone hunched over, head down, arms crossed?

Or, someone with a straight posture, chin up, shoulders straight back?

Obviously, a person that is confident will have a “power pose” and exude more trust.

This is the way to do it:
Imagine there is a string at the back of your neck and when you pull that, it pulls up your back.

Straight up. Like that.
(But, don’t puff out your chest or stomach too much. Just a little bit…)

Also, when shaking someone’s hand, it’s important to give a firm and confident handshake.

When someone shakes my hand with a weak, limp, sweaty palm, it just doesn’t feel right.

Give a nice firm handshake. With a nice little squeeze. Hold it for a few seconds, while looking the person in the eye.
(But also not a very tight squeeze that feels like a squeezing contest between two people)

Have a wonderful day!