Leverage pre-call planning

Again. And again. And again.

Keep on doing it. Every day.

No matter the weather. No matter the mood.

We work on ourselves not to let the weather affect us negatively.
We work on ourselves to let everything affect us positively. 

Smile to yourself.
Motivate yourself.
Speak positively to yourself.

“Never look in the mirror without smiling.” — Universe

Every day. Keep at it.

“BS yourself to functionality. Lie, cheat, and steal yourself to positivity!” — Lou Landau

Sometimes we need to fake it until we make it.

Keep on doing positive self-talk until it gets internalized and becomes second nature to you.

Choose life.
Choose happiness.
Choose positivity! 


Winging it

Are you winging it?

Winging it is just a highly egoic move that doesn’t work.

Trust me.

For many years I was ‘just winging it and doing things without any structure.

It didn’t work.

As Jeb Blount says, “Winging it is stupid!”

I have to agree with him.

When a person thinks so highly of themselves and says: “Oh, I am so good. I can wing it. Right?”…


Yes, you ARE good.
No, you CANNOT wing it.

Because you are not the same good every single day.

We have our ups and downs. 

There might be times that you will get tripped off by something, or get emotionally overloaded, and that hijacks the mind to think incorrectly.

The outcome will depend:
On your mood.
On the weather.
On your surroundings. 

“We don’t rise to the level of expectations. We sink to the level of preparedness. — Archilochus

The more you are prepared, even at your worst hour, you can only sink to the level of your inborn skills.

You have skills.
You have scripts.
You have processes. 

Don’t just wing it.

Just do it!

New LO Zindy Fisch

With great pride, we’re welcoming the latest addition to The Mint family.

Zindy Fisch

Our newest licensed loan officer.

Today is an exciting day at The Mint Capital Inc.

Wishing him a wonderful new beginning with continuous success in all his endeavors.

We’re looking forward to having him part of The Mint family!

Fanatical prospecting – 2

“Tomorrow,” you say to yourself.

A good deed brings another good deed.

A bad deed brings another bad deed.

It starts simply.

Jim Rohn says: “Nobody sets out to say, ‘Today I’m not going to do anything in my life”.


It’s the ‘little’ decision in the morning that:
“Just today I’m not going to do my push-ups.”
“Just today I’m not going to go running.”
“Just today I’m not going to learn my daily daf.”

It starts with one little thing you decide not to do today.

Then comes the next task, and you think since you didn’t do the first thing then you might as well not do the next thing. And then the third thing…

“Tomorrow!” you promise yourself. Tomorrow you will get back on the bandwagon. 

We all know that such promises of ‘tomorrow’ don’t exist.

Start TODAY!

Make it a great day ahead!

Commission breath

Are you desperate?

When a salesperson reaches an empty pipeline, they become desperate to close the deal.

Desperation can be sensed from far away.

The more you want to close the deal (out of desperation) the less likely it is to happen.

I once heard a great term from Joe Polish and Dean Jackson. They call it “commission breath”.

When a salesperson has this desperate need to close the sale (because they want the commission), he has a commission breath.

Which is not appealing to prospects.

To avoid becoming desperate, you need to constantly be on top of your game to keep a full pipeline.

Just something to keep in mind.

Bending win probability in your favor

Probability is not possibility. 

There is a big difference between the two.

Probability = it most likely will happen.
Possibility = there is a chance that it will happen.

Saying “it’s possible” is a risk. It could or it couldn’t happen.

Saying “it’s probable” is the right way. It probably will happen.

BIG difference.

You don’t want to leave it to chance.

“Hope is not a strategy!” — Dan Kennedy

The trick is to know the probability of the sale in order to bend it in your favor.

Let’s make the “probably” and the “maybe” into a “YES!”.

Fanatical Prospecting

Always have bread in your basket.


Because you shouldn’t be crazy hungry (and then make crazy deals).

There is plenty of “fish” out there.

But if you have too little in your pipeline, and you then need to fight for every sale, you settle for bad customers and bad deals, and it’s no good…

When you have a full pipeline you let them go. There is plenty of other fish in the sea.

Many salespeople are on the feast-or-famine rollercoaster.

They need to realize that the rollercoaster is a choice!

“Your green time (prospecting to bring in the green $$$) from today, is your pipeline in 60 days from now”. — Carl White

You need to do your green time today, so you will have a solid and stable pipeline over the next few months (instead of a rollercoaster up-and-down ride).

In the mortgage industry, the role is divided between Sales and Support.

Supporting (a current client) always seems more urgent to take care of than Prospecting (for a future client).

But if you won’t do prospecting today, how will your pipeline look in 60 days from now?

You need to make time for both sales and support. As Parkinson’s Law says: “The work will expand to the time allotted!”.

I like to give this analogy: “No matter when Shabbos is (the Jewish weekly Sabbatical), 4 pm or 8 pm, most people get ready 15 minutes after the Zeman…” — Lou Landau

You will have the time for it — if you make the time for it. 

Being in sales needs discipline and that’s how you get a smooth and full pipeline (instead of a rollercoaster)!

Make it a great sales day!

Gratitude #8

Take a cup of water.

Let’s think for a second.

How did all this get to you?

First we thank God that our body systems thrive on water.

Water is most easily available.

We drink water and get sustained from it.

How did you drink it?

In a plastic cup? A paper cup? A glass cup?

How many people were involved in that one cup?

I thank my spouse for buying it.
I thank the store for keeping it.
I thank their workers for stocking it.
I thank the distributor for distributing it.
I thank the freight company for shipping it.
I thank the factory workers for producing it.

Of course, these people made a profit from it, too. That’s how the world keeps turning!

Now for the water from the tap.

It came out of the faucet.

I thank the company that produced it.
I thank the store that sold it.
I thank the plumber that installed it.

How did the water get cleaned?

I thank the people that are behind purifying the water.
I thank the company that made the water filters.
I thank the company that made the pipes.

The water supply system is amazing, bringing water to our taps from who-knows-which reserves and oceans.

I thank God that I live in 2021 when we can have electricity, water, plumbing and all conveniences in our home.

Just 70-80 years ago the people were not that lucky.

Today we even have choices.

Hot water and cold water.

We live like kings!

The kings of the past did not have what we have today.

If we would be mindful we would appreciate it so much more.

“A constant pleasure is no pleasure.”

There is no pleasure if we don’t put our mind to appreciate it.

I am grateful!
I am joyful!
I am thankful!

There is so much to be thankful for.

Did you start your gratitude log yet?


Do you want to be in control of the conversation?

Listen. Listen. Listen.

When you listen, you pull people towards you.

When you talk, you push people away from you.

When a prospect voices any objections, don’t jump at the mouth and start talking.

Start by asking clarifying questions, even if you are 99.99% sure that you know the answer.

Listen to what they are saying (and what they are not saying).

Usually, the prospect knows that their objections are not really true.

By asking tough questions you put them in a spot.

They feel accused.

Then they pull away from you.

That’s why listening is so important.

When the prospect feels validated, they are more likely to listen to you.

Different kingdoms

You are the king of your kingdom!

I recently mentioned this great quote: “In Fall, the trees are showing their true colors that they were hiding all year”.

We all have certain “colors” we are hiding.

So why do we say true colors? Isn’t green the “true” color of the trees?


Because it’s different shades of green. Different colors from their usual self.

We, as humans, are made up of different parts.

I like to call it different “kingdoms” that are within the person.

Different kingdoms rule at different times.

There even might be a war between the two kingdoms.

The many kingdoms within us are our different emotions.

Different personalities.
Different types.

This is NOT a multiple personality disorder.

It’s just that we are made of multiple parts.

Your personality parts are all part of YOU. And you need to love all of them the same.

To God, black and white are all the same.

Your good personality. And your difficult personality. 

It’s two parts of the same coin.

Fighting for peace between the kingdoms.

Which personality will ultimately win?