A Pumpa for the Jumpa…

Good morning!

Wake up…
Rise and shine!
The weather is beautiful this season.

My fellow loan officer, I think about sales most of the time.

I always come back to the one idea. What is that one thing you need to succeed in sales?

The answer is: What’s your goal?
Back into it and do it consistently! 

There is no question! All you need to succeed is:



Continue doing what you got to do.


Keep doing it, on a daily basis. Consistently! 

That will be your ticket to freedom. That is the recipe for success.

I recently heard a good ‘vort’ from someone: “It’s not about the Daf, it’s about the Yomi”. (Loosely translated as: It’s not about what you learn, but about continuing to do it daily!)

My friend, summer is a great time to get work done.

You’re doing great. Keep at it!

Never give up. Just continue doing what you got to do!

You are in this business presumably because you like it.
You like to work with people.
You like to help people.
You like to enrich their lives.

You need to approach every sale as if the prospect has a flat tire and you’re offering them a new tire!

What are you doing towards your goal
The day after?
Every single day?

The Yomi. The Daily tasks.

Good luck and make it happen!

Achieve any giant goal almost magically

Do you want to succeed in sales?

These are the basic ABCs to succeed in sales:

It is vital to have clarity about your financial goals. Determine how much money you would like to makeover the coming year. Then divide it into twelve to see your monthly target amount.

Once you know your monthly income amount, it’s time to translate that dollar amount into sales. How many sales would you need to successfully complete in order to achieve your monthly income goal?

Create a plan. How will you reach your goal? How many calls per day? How many connections do you need to make?

Come up with an actual number and stick to it! This should be your absolute minimum daily obligation!

Create a system of accountability. Have a salesperson/friend/coach/spouse check up on you to make sure you are sticking to your goals.

I recently heard a great story on the Darren Hardy show that reinforces the above points.

Darren tells a story about Beverly. Beverly was wishing that she would be able to run a half-mile marathon (the following year) together with her slim friend, Katie. 

Beverly was overweight and complained that she could barely walk a flight of stairs. “I could never do such a thing as running a marathon!”

Darren told her, “If you want to, you can choose to do it. I can show you how to do it painlessly!”

Beverly didn’t believe there is a painless way to run a marathon.

Darren told her to just drive a mile around her house. Just to see how far it is.

Then take tiny steps to start walking around the loop. 

Just a quarter of a mile. Then a half a mile. Then a full mile.

Just 300 steps farther. No big deal, right?

As Beverly was increasing her habit of walking, she was able to walk farther and farther every day.

Needless to say, Beverly was able to run the marathon the following year! 

It’s all about gaining momentum.

By doing the daily discipline we can reach success even when it seems impossible!

This is the magical power of The Compound Effect.

Thank you, Darren, for the constant motivation.

Book 7. Day 69: Objections

Yes Has a Number

No matter what you are selling (or asking for), if you ask enough times, eventually you’ll get a yes

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “Objections” by Jeb Blount

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Have a great day!

Challenges from other LOs

A guy from a different mortgage company called me up. He wanted to inquire about the Mint Capital.

He told me he had to hire and train his own processor. He didn’t have the time and knowledge to train the processor.

He was new in the loan officer field and he didn’t yet know everything. On top of that, his producer was too busy to answer his questions and fully train him.

He asked me, “Lou, how does it work at the Mint Capital? I am overworking, I need to train my processor plus I still need to learn some things myself. I am totally overwhelmed!”

The answer is: The Mint way is exactly the opposite!

We support our loan officers all the way! Our LOs do NOT HAVE TO DEAL WITH PROCESSING AT ALL.

All they need to do is structure the loan and put it into the system. From there, our LOs hand the loan over to our capable, fully-trained processing team.

Our full staff of processors take care of every detail, including dealing with the:




and preparing for the closing.

When comparing any mortgage company with the Mint — it’s not even apples to apples. It’s a completely different criteria. Our LOs can double the amount of loans since they don’t do any processing work.

At the end of the pipeline that makes all the difference!

Book 7. Day 68: Objections

It’s important to put things into context.

Some people are just rude…

That’s life.

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “Objections” by Jeb Blount

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Have a great day!

Book 7. Day 67: Objections

Back to lesson one.

To get what you want, you must ask for what you want.

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “Objections” by Jeb Blount

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Have a great day!

Winning with the daily tax

“Nobody wakes up and intentionally sets out to gain 100 pounds,
Or lose their house,
Or lose their job,
Or see their kids in rehab,
Or go through a painful divorce.
It happens unintentionally, due to our small choices.” — Darren Hardy

As Dr. William James says, “It’s the tiny, little daily taxes that add up to huge dysfunction.”

One penny, and another penny, and another, if you keep on adding it ends up to thousands of dollars.

What will your daily choices add up to?

Every day when you make a choice; think: will this make you a winner or loser?

Write it down and track it.
W = winner
L = loser

Are you a winner? Or are you a loser?
Is this choice a winning choice? Or a losing choice?

Should I eat this — or not?
Should I go to the gym — or not?
Should I make my cold calls — or not?
Should I get distracted with my emails — or not?

…. Or losing?

It’s up to you!

Every tiny win will lead to bigger success.
Every little losing choice will lead to failure.

Book 7. Day 66: Objections

Your prospect has been conditioned from hundreds, if not thousands, of prospecting calls.

Disrupt his pattern!

Today’s episode of Daily Burst of Inspiration reading “Objections” by Jeb Blount

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Have a great day!

Winning or losing?

A LOs had eight files “cooking” at once. 
(Meaning, eight super-hot leads that are going to sign soon.)

I had a conversation with him one day.

He told me he didn’t submit a single file for the past two months. He had an empty pipeline.

For two months straight he has been making calls every day. The cold calls turned into warm leads and turned into eight files that are cooking at the moment.

Two months ago, when he had an active pipeline, he did not make any calls. He didn’t find the time for it.

This clearly brought out the notion I learned from #Carl White, that “You roller-coaster cycle is a choice. Your green time today is your pipeline for 60 days from now!”

We need to work on our green time in order to grow our future pipeline.

“Work will stretch to the time allotted” — Parkinson’s Law

If you will allot 8 hours for paperworks, it will take 8 hours.
If you give it 6 hours, it will take 6 hours.
If you will only allot 2 hours, it will take 2 hours.

Your time should be divided between prospecting, green time, calls, and paperwork.

Discipline equals freedom.

If you will keep to your discipline — your green time, your cold calling, etc. — you will have a full pipeline waiting for you!

Motivational review

Are you in sales?

Being in sales requires commitment. 

Full commitment. 100% commitment.

Commit yourself to a minimum amount of tasks you will complete daily.

Minimum amount of cold calls daily.
Minimum amount of green time daily.
Minimum amount of people you will talk to daily.

Minimum commitment. No negotiations.

3 months. 6 months. 9 months.

According to your commitments.

No negotiations.

As Jocko Willink says, “Discipline equals freedom”.

How can discipline equal freedom?

In a good moment, when you are in a good mood, you CAN do your job. The problem is that we are not in that higher moment often enough.

As I always say, “If you can do it sometimes, you can do it all the time!” — Lou Landau.

The same with my daily push-ups. If I’m able to do 60 push-ups in one morning, that means that my muscles have the capacity to do it.

Whenever I’m tired or plain not in the mood, I will tell myself, “If I can do it sometime, I can do it all the time!”

Of course, we shouldn’t set our “minimums” according to our best performance, because our capacity keeps on fluctuating. 

We need to set our “minimum” at a good average. 

Once you have that minimum set; 
remember: there are no negotiations. A commitment is a commitment.

Because, if you can do it sometimes, you can do it all the time!