E44: WAKE UP – what have you done today?

(In Yiddish Language). E44 – If someone will ask you by the end of any given day; What have you done today? Will you have any idea what to answer? Did you ever ask yourself this question, “What have I done today”? Original post date: 8/3/2011

E43: Open Books – Open Door Policy

I(In Yiddish Language). E43 – In today’s address we discuss the “open books and open door policy”, 2 different points but similar in concept, imagine how a simple employee will perform if he would know exactly how his actions impact the bottom line? Original post date: 7/14/2011

E42: A Few Short yet Strong Ideas

(In Yiddish Language). E42 – A couple of misc points, about assembly line and systems in business, and how first you make your system and then you get the software to help you with that system. Original post date: 6/30/2011

E41: You Do Your BEST – Let Hashem Do The REST!

(In Yiddish Language). E41 – “You Do Your BEST – Let Hashem Do The REST!”
Ever heard this great Quote? It’s one of the greatest Success secrets in the business world today…Turns out, Rashi, in the Torah says this… Listen to hear more. Original post date: 5/29/2011

E40: Rock The Boat

(In Yiddish Language). E40 – Employers, Employees, Partners, things not going as planned? Been going like this for week, months, eyars. Time to “Rock the Boat”? Original post date: 5/9/2011

E39: Bin Laden DEAD! SO WHAT?

(In Yiddish Language). E39 – Everyone is so excited about Bin Laden is DEAD. Me too… b”H he’s dead… But seriously, what’s the big simcha? Original post date: 5/2/2011

E38: Simple Exercise Guarantees you will become a Happier Person

(In Yiddish Language). E38 – Follow me as I guide you how to do a Simple Exercise which when practiced, will practically Guarantees you will become a Happier Person… Original post date: 4/27/2011

E37: 3 Lessons (so far) this Pesach 2011

(In Yiddish Language). E37 – This Yom Tov Pesach 2011, so far I already have b”H 3 very inspiring thoughts, which I’m happy to share with you. Original post date: 4/22/2011

E36: One of our biggest challanges in Life – How to make decisions easier

(In Yiddish Language). E36 – In todays shier, I dive in pretty deep in our complicated Decision Making processes… Why indeed can’t we make up our minds faster, clearer. We explain some cool ideas and tricks which when used will make your life 100 times easier. Original post date: 4/11/2011

E35: Great Job! – Why am I craving for Feedback?

(In Yiddish Language). E35 – In todays shier, I give a (non-paid) high recommendation for Oiz V’chedva, a hiemishe company running seminars helping people crawl out of their shell, with self-confidence, clarity in life, goal setting, time managing, public speaking and much more. Original post date: 3/30/2011