Perception is everything!

Our quality of life and business is determined by how we perceive the world.

Perception is everything!

It is molded in childhood by our parents and authority figures and can stay with us for a lifetime.

That is if we don’t challenge it!

As children, we don’t ask questions.

We don’t want to challenge our parents and authority figures. 

We cannot afford to rock the boat.

Stepping out of child shoes takes using our G-d given brains to evaluate the ingrained ideas we carry within ourselves.

How does that relate to “call reluctance”?

We carry a perception that we need to protect our dignity or worthiness.

As if it is not inherently there.

We carry a belief that we need to stay away from a “NO,” a discomfort or failure. 

When, in reality, nothing can take away our dignity and worth.

This perception becomes a habit, weighing us down.

Not letting us make the calls or do the things we know we should be doing.

This perception shapes our:

It keeps salespeople away from picking up that phone!

And when they do make that call, everything in them wants to prove them right.

Not allowing that ingrained perception to go down without a fight.

But it’s ok!

We’ve got this!

We, salespeople, are warriors!