Personal Accountability

“Why is everyone picking on me?”

“When will it change?” 

“Who cares about me?”

As long as you ask questions of WHY, WHEN and WHO, you’re in a mentality of victimhood. 

A victim cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Someone who blames the entire world for his troubles has no light in their eyes. No spring in their step. A stoop in their posture.

Bring in the light! A bounce in your spirit. A breath of fresh air.

A person has the choice to change, but it takes courage.

It’s called “personal” accountability.

At the end of the day, look at yourself in the mirror and ask:
What didn’t I do right?
How can I change?
What can I do better?
How can I serve my customers better?

Empower yourself. Tomorrow you will do better!

When a person is a victim of circumstance/situation/system; his boss, coworkers, Uber driver and the entire community seems to be picking on him (in his mind!).

There’s the famous story of two shoemakers who went to Africa. Both sent home a message:
One said: “Bad news! No one wears shoes here!”
The other one said: “Great opportunity! No one wears shoes yet over here!” 

Catch yourself when you blame someone or something.

When you realize you are blaming others, you are starting the journey of liberation.

Whom or what are YOU still blaming?