Do you want to succeed?

My friend, here’s a friendly reminder.

Positive, positive, positive! We need to stay positive.

Talk to yourself in a positive voice.

The voice in your head is what drives you and defines you. Always keep that voice positive. 

As Joe Dispenza said: “By the time we are 35 years old, 90% of our thoughts are the same every single day.”

And, by the way, a person has up to 60,000 thoughts a day!

No wonder we’re having the same life, same pattern, same days all the time. If we are thinking the same repetitive and negative thoughts…
Same thoughts = same life.

“The key to life is, BS yourself to functionality. Lie, cheat, and steal yourself to positivity!” — Lou Landau

Negativity is like a constant gravity. We constantly need to work against it in order to avoid being pulled down.

The only solution is being positive!

“Never look in the mirror without smiling.” — TUT

Have a great, positive day ahead.