Procrastination is a lack of clarity.

It’s not laziness.

It’s an active action!

My friend ChaimNeuman always says -“procrastinating means I need more clarity (more research).”

Why am I not doing it when I know exactly what I need to do?!

I feel so stuck!

I so badly want to!!

It’s because I don’t have enough clarity – why, or what, or where I am heading!

On top of that, I’m missing the clarity that I’m missing clarity.

But it is intuition, you can’t always put your finger on it, or a name to it…

But it’s there. Something is missing! Dig Deeper! Take your time!

Calling it procrastination – brings on more procrastination.

It freezes you; it restricts you from moving forward.

You are not a procrastinator – you are just looking for more information.

What’s holding you back?

Dig deeper and find the clarity you need!