Do you find yourself overwhelmed at work?

A sobering point in corporate America is “Managers get promoted to a level of incompetence”.

By doing a great job, people get promoted higher up and then promoted again — until they cannot do that job well enough anymore, no longer get promoted, but also the job may no longer be suitable for them.

They were promoted with more responsibility than they can handle. Everyone is unhappy. The employee or manager doesn’t get the job done and the company suffers.

So, the question remains.

Why be promoted? It’s perfectly fine to stay at the level of competency, where you can be happy, thrive and succeed!

When employees are overwhelmed, it’s inevitably due to the responsibilities that are not aligned with their unique abilities.

The smart player is able to identify what they are good at, and stick to it!

Gino Wickman explains it in the book “How to be a great boss”.

The four quadrants to divide jobs are:
— Love to do. Great at.
— Like to do. Good at.
— Don’t like. But learned to be good at.
— Don’t like. Not good at at-all.

We need to be true with ourselves. If something is too hard to manage, you might be able to hire an assistant to take a load off.

“Do more of what you love, Less of what you tolerate, and Nothing of what you hate!” — Darren Hardy.