Proudest achievement

Achievements are relative.

The Gemara says a person doesn’t die with half of his desires in his hand. (Meaning, a person doesn’t die with half of what he could have accomplished.)

A person naturally wants more and strives to achieve more.

The brain works faster than the body is able to bring it to reality.

You may wonder…
What’s ‘achievement’ in the first place?
What seemed like a huge achievement five years ago, seems like nothing today!

We need to keep on going, because as we near the end goal, it keeps on moving away.

At the same time, we need to take the time to look back at what we accomplished.

Never compare yourself to OTHERS.
Only compare yourself to YOURSELF 2-5 years ago!

Here’s our achievements at the Mint Capital since I joined two years ago:

Hired 35 new loan officers.

Set up a full training system that enables our loan officers to close deals within the first few months at TMC.

Complete onboarding system that turn our loan officers from a novice to professionals.

While these are great achievements, we still have so much more goals in the pipeline. 

Looking forward to great success IYH!