Public Speaking

Can you stand up in front of a packed room and give a speech?

Do you still get jittery before making any cold calls or when meeting someone new?

I find that public speaking is similar to sales calls.

I always encourage salespeople to practice speaking in public. There are many great resources such as Toastmasters and books by Frank Bettger and Dale Carnegie that help with public speaking.

It’s important for you to feel comfortable to speak in a public setting. Doing sales calls is very similar to public speaking, it’s just for a smaller audience. 

 A good place to start practicing is within your own circle of people. Are you part of any group of like-minded people in your industry? It would be great practice if you can record a short speech to post in such a setting. You will gain experience and polish your speaking skills, while your colleagues can give you feedback and non-judgemental support.

Don’t be timid and shy! 

You want to grow? Speak up!

Can you tag the speakers you admire?