Pursue the prospect Part two

Why are we not jealous of Jeff Bezos’ amazing success (but when your friend earns a fraction of that, you get envious of their success)?

Why do we always find excuses for not salesing or cold calling?

Someone that is lazy, unproductive and procrastinating will always have an excuse. 

They need to justify themselves why they cannot do it. That they are not weak, they are only hindered by outside influences.

But when he sees his friend or colleague doing it, that puts pressure on him. It proves his theory wrong! 

Especially if it’s someone from their community, class or the same town. The ego suddenly feels threatened. 

If it’s somebody way above their level, like Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk, they simply don’t connect or relate to that type of success.

The jealousy does not kick in. It doesn’t relate to them.

But if it’s someone that’s in the same league that makes it big. The same type of business. From the same community.

Suddenly they feel threatened. And jealous.

They see that their excuse is just that. An excuse.

When a salesperson is weak and not making his phone calls, he also cannot make any money. 

Competitiveness, healthy social pressure is good!

Do you agree?

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